The Pearl Beyond Price

Central Coast Counselling & Therapy” As the Pearl Beyond Price develops and the true self is understood and integrated, personal boundaries disappear.

One starts to understand and experience timelessness, innocence and purity.

Life becomes a process of endless creative discovery “

A.H. Almaas

Diamond Heart


We have all spent many years establishing a conditioned view of life, only to arrive at a conclusion that either life offends me or pleases me. We tend to spend our whole life trying to avoid all that brings pain, noticing the objects, people or situations and pursuing all that which brings pleasure.

Without exception, we all do this. We remain separated from areas of our life, analyzing it, judging it, seeking to answer the questions. What am I going to get out of it ? Is it going to give me pleasure or should I avoid the situation all together ?

We all do this constantly and just below the surface of this dilemma, one is experiencing fear, tension and anxiety from within.

Exploring Inner Conflicts

By going within, we have the opportunity to explore our inner conflict systems which are our immediate responses to people and the environment.

Through this inward process, we have the potential to gain immediate access and raise awareness of thoughts and feelings associated with these internal responses.

In turn, bringing to life and discovering initial areas in one’s early stages of development, where authenticity was lost and surrendered to external circumstances.

Also, to uncover how and where I am holding and blocking my energy from past experiences which in turn, develops into repression and censoring of feelings that will quite often, lead to ill health.

The outcome of processing inner conflicts

1. Ending the conflict with boundaries established in childhood to the needs of the maturing adult.

2. Firm understanding of immediate difficulties, concerns and issues.

3. Move beyond the confines of living within a bubble.

4. Redistribution of repressed and blocked energy.

5. Expand awareness and elevate consciousness.

6. Develop Authenticity.