The Child Within

When a child is born into the world, it is generally thought of as whole and through imaginary process, may take the shape as a clear, bright circle of light.

Being extremely sensitive in nature, the child is often subjected to a variety of social pressures and conditioning as it develops and grows.

These pressures are directly related to the family structure and the immediate environment.

The difficulties that the child may encounter and to name just a few, may contain excessive parental expectations, abuse, financial constraints, neglect and the latest to emerge, bullying at school.

From these circumstances, the child will often feel overwhelmed and will retreat to a place of abandonment and distrust.mandala

Feeling threatened by existing circumstances, the child develops coping strategies in an attempt to deal with life and feel safe and in turn, suppresses feelings associated with these environmental impacts.

 The child now strongly identifies with the coping strategy as the ideal self image ( ego ) and feelings now become repressed, blocked and held in, resulting in a loss of authenticity and tension being buried within the body.

 Triggers for emotional disturbances are now established and the clear bright circle of light becomes clouded and retreats in size.

Moving later into teenage life and beyond, the maturing adult will struggle with feeling balanced as the needs of the child to remain safe will sabotage any attempt for the adult to actually break free and grow.

Feeling held back, the maturing adult will experience the loss of awareness, joy, feels inadequate and struggles to cope in a challenging world.

As a consequence, isolation and commitment to suffer in silence becomes a way of life through fear of reaching out.

Alternatively, one may attempt to secure stability in their life by unconsciously developing a strategy of denial or turn to drugs or alcohol to deal with life.