Self Compassion

Like most of us as a child, you were probably taught that you need to have compassion for others, but were you taught that you need to have compassion for yourself ?

During our life we often feel strong negative emotions and something has been triggered from our childhood.  A door to the unconscious opens and beckons one to enter and heal the hurt and conflict within.

Unfortunately, through our conditioning and cultural circumstances we are informed to distract ourselves, toughen up and ignore the pain, or maybe reach for an addictive substance to deal with the crises.

From this point, the opportunity to move towards self compassion is lost and the hurt and discomfort is buried and tightly held within, resulting in a censoring of feelings and numbing of our responses to live life in a positive manner.

 ” In this life, its essential to care for yourself and this is not being self indulgent, its an act of survival “