What is Counselling

 We all encounter a variety of  problems such as relationship difficulties, financial obligations, unemployment, divorce, abuse, intimidation and the list goes on …………!

Inability to respond positively to life’s ever changing situations can tax the resources of the individual and reduce the overhaul well being and quality of one’s life, resulting quite often in stress, anxiety, depression or complete immobilisation.

We have a constitutional belief or behaviour that we can tough this situation out and land on our feet.

Nature of counselling and confidentialityHowever, some conditions that life presents are all just too overwhelming and feelings of despair, just too difficult to endure.

The nature of counselling is to assist individuals through a helping relationship to alleviate current negative responses to challenging situations.

Therefore, we need to explore this decisive moment together and secure a way through.

Confidentiality Agreements

Confidentiality and creating a safe environment is paramount within the Counseling and Psychoherapy field.

It is with these concerns that a Statement of Confidentiality will be signed by both client and counsellor before the commencement of any dialogue.