About Neil / Experience & Qualifications

Neil, Central Coast Counselling and TherapyAfter moving to the Blue Mountains in 1985, I became interested in a number of local men’s groups and later went on to study experiential psychology at The Sydney Gestalt Training Institute.

Over the coming years and working with both male and females within group psychotherapy, what surfaced within my awareness of self and others, transformed  my personal understanding of people and life at a very deep level.

What was held back for so many years and repressed and blocked, had now been released  to lay a new foundation of personal understanding and expression.

The facilitation for this process of growth took place by working with individuals who were aware that on some level of their personal existence, a deep need was not being met.

This need would often relate directly to feeling at a loss about life and empty on some level. Feelings would constantly fluctuate and it was difficult to remain balanced. I had some idea of what was amiss, but not quite sure of how to establish some process to secure what I needed.

The catalyst for healing was brought about by sharing feelings, often associated with distress, together with thoughts and experiences applied with honesty and integrity.

Through this encounter, we created a deep receptive contact with each other that allowed one to express and examine the content and dimensions of our lives more thoroughly.

We went within, moved beyond ideas and formulas and secured intuitive understanding from the depths of our being.

Through this encounter, we created together, profound stirrings of trust, self-acceptance and self-love.

The unfolding outcome of applying and doing this work, brought about accessing and securing insights into spiritual potentialities that sit latent within all of us.


” The true history of the spirit is not preserved in learned volumes

but in the living psychic organism of every individual “


                                                                                                         C. Jung

QualificationsCentral Coast Counselling and Therapy

Clinical Gestalt Psychotherapist / Counselor

Diploma in Gestalt Therapy. ( Gestalt Training Institute Sydney )

Diploma in Counselling. ( Institute of Applied Counselling Sydney )

Clinical Member of  The Australian Counselors Association

Member of A.R.C.A.P. ( Australian Register of Counselors & Psychotherapists )

Regular monthly Supervision since November 2006.

Twenty three years experience within the Mental Health Industry.