Experiencing Energy

 Energy Healing often played a vital role within ancient cultures and came under the name of Life Force, Chi Energy or more commonly called today, Spiritual Energy.

The use of energy to treat  imbalances within our Mental Health is a common practice and supports many positive outcomes.

During consultations, all clients will experience and feel energy as the session progresses.

The energy facilitates the healing process by clearing blocks within the energy field and supporting the whole system to retrieve balance.

The energy also assists and identifies areas within our consciousness on what needs to be processed and worked through.

Often these areas are repressed or forgotten altogether from memory.

The energy acts like a beacon of light that expands awareness and identifies aspects from our past and present that are directly related to emotional disturbances that we bring to the therapy session.

With more awareness available, we can explore how and what has been lost, identify the conflict and move forward.

All aspects of working with energy are on a verbal communication level at all times.


“The human body is a memory bank which preserves

all of its experiences, forgetting nothing, even when

the conscious mind is unable to recall these events”

                                                                         Arthur Janov

                                                                            “The Feeling Child”