Dilemma of Expectations

One particular aspect of life where much pain, sorrow and constantly feeling drained is where one’s expectations have not been met. This situation is always experienced by frustration and feeling resentful towards the other who has been insensitive and displayed offensive behaviour. The greatest difficulty with this situation and is a common practice is that, one will blame the other for how they feel. But are others directly accountable for how we feel ? After all, they are our feelings.

If we expect others to know exactly how we are put together and what exactly triggers our emotions, then maybe, we are very much out of touch. As long as I hold the world view that the external world is accountable for how I feel, I will obviously be at the mercy of life and be in continual turmoil.

I cannot really control what will come and cannot by all means know how the other will act towards me. By holding onto my expectations or issues about how life should be played out, I play a dangerous game and will be forever be let down, feel frustrated and disappointed. I am basically setting myself up to fail by being hooked by all that do not measure up to my personal expectations.

“The promise is never kept, we must notice the expectation that we wish to extract from other people and abandon the dream that they will quench our thirst. We must come to terms that such an enterprise is hopeless”

                                                                                                             C .Beck

“Artwork by Liana Douglas”