Case History of Counselling and Therapy Sessions

~ Anthony

Anthony is a young man in his early thirties who has been married for twelve months and has become a father for the first time. He has come from a strict family background where one’s development as a child has been overshadowed by rules and strict disciplines. Any attempt on Anthony’s part to express his needs or concerns, was often met with disapproval from his parents or simply ignored, and rather than acknowledging their disapproval, his parents silence and distancing behaviour would speak louder than words.

The outcome of Anthony’s up bringing together with his lack of understanding around his parents non-acceptance, had a detrimental effect upon his confidence and individual expression, resulting in an introverted style of behaviour and anxiety around any attempt to express his needs.

During  Anthony’s  first counselling session, he explained how he was experiencing great difficulty in standing up for himself and defending himself against assertive colleagues within his work environment. He also considered leaving his work place, to alleviate his anxiety rather than confront the issues. As a consequence, Anthony’s  inability to engage with others and defend him-self at work, resulted in his frustration and anger building up,  then in turn, taking it home. His immediate family had now become the dumping grounds for Anthony’s repressed emotions.


The anxiety that Anthony experiences is a direct result of not knowing how to interpret his parent’s reactions of indifference and non-acceptance of his needs. By keeping Anthony constantly in the dark through disapproval, his parents allowed no reference point of contact for Anthony to connect with or interpret, leaving him with feeling incomplete, anxious and withdrawn.

Trust was an important factor in Anthony’s work, as the more he could trust myself as a counsellor to provide a safe place to work, the more he could take risks and draw upon his own potential  to move beyond his present state of anxiety. His development came through experimenting with different behaviours and expressing his feelings with honesty and integrity. By creating an atmosphere of trust and acceptance, Anthony started to directly express his innermost negative and positive observations and reactions, slowly releasing his repressed emotions, tensions and anxiety.

Providing a platform for his expression and expanding Anthony’s awareness of how he manipulates his expression through a process of roll-play and dialogue, has in turn seen more openness an authenticity surface within his nature.


The work for Anthony provided self-support and re-assurance in his ability to express himself, which in turn generates confidence and self responsibility. The ability to take risks and express him-self has diffused his frustration and in turn, circumstances have improved at home. He has decided to continue with his present form of employment and nurture the skills drawn upon from his own potential. At present, he has plenty of opportunities at work to express his needs and consider his choices on how and when he needs to interact with others.